We're Shreya and Nishchit 👋🏻

Creators of AICamp

Just two tech enthusiasts who stumbled into a big AI challenge and decided to solve it not just for ourselves, but for everyone. Here's our story of making AI accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

How it started?

We started this because we ran into a snag ourselves—getting different AI models to play nice together was tougher than we thought. Turns out, we weren't the only ones struggling with this, and that's how AICamp came to be.

AI-first business!!

At AICamp, we're dedicated to transforming businesses into AI-driven powerhouses by simplifying AI integration and making it a core part of operations, not just an add-on. We aim to make advanced AI tools affordable and accessible for all businesses, helping them overcome adoption barriers and enhance their decision-making and innovation through AI.

Our approach is rooted in the AI-first mindset, where every business challenge is viewed as an opportunity for AI solutions, fostering faster innovation and smarter strategies.

Always putting the customer first.

Our users are at the heart of everything we do. We’re super proud to say that AICamp is all funded by our customers. That means we get to focus on what’s best for you without any distractions. It’s all about building tools that you love to use, that help you do more with less, and that keep you ahead in the game.

We're proud of the way we run AICamp and the support and solutions we offer to our customers. We hope you'll come on board and grow with us.

Shreya & Nishchit - Co-founders of AICamp