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The Simplest Way to Access All Top Tier AI/LLMs

With AICamp's unique blend of features like Multi-LLM support and AI-enabled workspace, you can make every team task quicker, easier, and more enjoyable.


LLMs supported, get improved result for your custom use cases


Ready to use prompts, better the prompt better the result


Less Pricey, Connect one/two API keys to enable Team level AI adoption

AI Features That Bring Ease and Efficiency to Your Team

With AICamp's unique blend of features like multi-LLM support and data-driven insights, you can make every team task quicker, easier, and more enjoyable.

Multi-LLM Support

Enjoy centralized access to leading AI models like GPT-4, Bard, Claude, and LLlama 2, among others. Integrate your own API keys for a tailored AI experience.

Bring Your Own API Keys

Tired of juggling different AI tools? Bring your own OpenAI or Claude API keys to AICamp and get everything in one place. Work together, share ideas, and unlock the full potential of your favorite models – it's collaboration made simple!

Collaborative Workspaces

Work together seamlessly to craft, refine, and enhance AI prompts. Develop a deep, shared understanding of effective AI interactions.

Centralized Prompt Library

Efficiently store, organize, and share AI prompts within your org. Streamline AI engagement with easy access to a repository of collective intelligence.

Prompt Documentation

Create comprehensive documentation for your AI prompts. Detail their purpose, use cases, and parameters. Standardize inputs to enhance overall AI quality.

Access Management

Implement access control to manage team permissions, ensuring prompt libraries are secure and IP is protected.

Usage Analytics

Utilize analytics to gain insights into how prompts are used, identify the most effective ones, and guide future AI strategy and optimization.

Intuitive Interface

Experience AICamp's easy-to-use interface, making AI accessible to all team members, regardless of their technical expertise.

ChatGPT vs AICamp

Learn about the unique advantages of AICamp in business settings, compared to the functionalities of AI tools like ChatGPT.

Advanced AI Language Model Capabilities
User-Friendly Interface
General AI-Powered Chat Solutions
Team-Centric AI Platform
Diverse LLM Integration
Budget-Friendly Pricing
Enhanced Team Collaboration
Multi-LLM Support
Customizable Workflow Automation
Data-Driven Decision Making
Scalable AI Functionalities
Centralized AI Solutions
Industry-Specific Solutions(Planned)
Content Management & Prompt Library
Access to Multiple LLMs (e.g., Entropy, Mistral, LlaMa)
Company-Wide Internal Tools(Planned)

3 easy steps

How it works

With AICamp, setting up a collaborative AI environment for your team is a breeze. We simplify the process with just three easy steps.


Connect AI Providers

Integrate leading models like OpenAI and Claude using your own API keys. No complex configurations or coding required.


Onboard The Team

Invite your team to join your workspace. Each member will get instant access to a user-friendly platform designed for seamless collaboration.


Start using AI

Now your team can start using AIs. Brainstorm ideas, generate content, answer questions– the possibilities are endless.


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