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With AICamp's unique blend of features like Multi-LLM support and AI-enabled workspace, you can make every team task quicker, easier, and more enjoyable.

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Plus, Get immidiate access to any new launched LLM in the world


Ready-To-Use prompts

Save time, get consistent outputs, and discover best AI use cases.


Cut Costs

Why Pay extra? When you can enable Team Level AI adoption.

3 easy steps

How it works

We simplify the process with just three easy steps.


Connect OpenAI/Anthropic

Integrate leading models like OpenAI and Claude using your own API keys. No complex configurations or coding required.


Onboard The Team

Invite your team to join your workspace and assign role-specific permission. Get access to the AI enabled workspace.


Start using AI

Brainstorm ideas, generate content, and answer questions– the possibilities are endless.

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Founder @SpaceHash

Simplest way to use multiple LLMs at one place for entire organization Once we started using AICamp in our daily tasks, providing my team with access to multiple LLMs platforms became incredibly easy! Its central key management system is simplifying the process and avoiding the common difficulties of sharing / managing multiple accounts with multiple platforms.

It's rare to come across a solution that so effectively combines affordability with functionality, but AICamp hits the mark on all fronts. The cost savings and the productivity boost are really high . If you’re looking to provide LLM access to your team without incurring huge expenses, AICamp is the way to go. Two thumbs up for this incredible platform!

Jay Shah

Jay Shah

CEO @Vistaran Techtronix

Results are much better using v4 at lower costs for the entire team. Saving a chat to collection helps us a lot. I'd highly if you've team and want to offer GPT-4 to you team in budget, go with AICamp. Requesting to add search across collections.

Krunal Vaghasiya

Krunal Vaghasiya

CEO @Wisernotify

I recently started using AICamp for my team, and it's been a game-changer. The Multi-LLM Support is fantastic; we can plug in different AI models and even use our own API keys, which gives us a lot of flexibility. The Collaborative Workspaces are a hit among my team members; we can work on AI prompts together and improve them over time.

ChatGPT vs AICamp

Learn about the unique advantages of AICamp in business settings, compared to the functionalities of AI tools like ChatGPT.

Access AI Now
User-Friendly Interface
Team Collaboration
Claude 3.0 | Opus, Sonnet, Haiku
Google Gemini
Centralized AI Solutions
Content Management & Prompt Library
Custom GPTsPlanned

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Get the most out of AICamp's all-in-one platform.

With AICamp's unique blend of features like multi-LLM support and data-driven insights, you can make every team task quicker, easier, and more enjoyable.

Multi Models

Access 10+ AI Models and LLMs with just a single click.

  • Use GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Claude, Bard, LLAMA, and Grok.
  • No more switching between tools to use various models.
Bring your own API Keys

Integrate your API keys effortlessly, maintaining control over costs.

  • Single API key for the entire organization.
  • Enable seamless team-wide adaptation to preferred AI technologies.
Organized Knowledge Management

Simplify team collaboration with organized folders.

  • Create, organize, and share chat/prompt collections
  • Quickly find specific AI interactions through well-structured folders.
  • Share valuable insights effortlessly across team members.
Shared Workspace

Accelerate teamwork with a shared workspace; scale effortlessly from duos to large teams.

  • Assign roles-specific permissions.
  • Unite different departments under one versatile, growth-friendly platform.

Gain deep insights into AI usage patterns, costs, and metrics.

  • Identify and manage financial aspects of AI usage effectively.
  • Make well-founded decisions based on comprehensive AI usage data.

Frequently Asked Questions

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AICamp is a comprehensive AI-powered platform designed to streamline the use of various artificial intelligence tools and models. It enables teams to collaborate in a shared workspace with access to premium AI capabilities, simplifying the integration of AI into business processes.

AICamp is beneficial for organizations of all sizes that are looking to harness the power of AI to enhance productivity and innovation. It is particularly useful for teams that require collaborative access to AI tools and AI adoption for future.

Yes, AICamp supports the integration of your personal OpenAI API keys. This means you can utilize your existing OpenAI account and models within the AICamp platform, ensuring you can benefit from the AI tools and infrastructure you're already invested in.

AICamp offers detailed analytics that provides insights into how AI is being utilized within your organization. This includes tracking usage patterns, identifying popular tools, and measuring the overall impact of AI on your team's productivity.

AICamp provides a comprehensive AI platform that offers collaborative features, integration with multiple AI models, and customization with your own API keys. It's designed for team use with role-based access control and provides usage analytics to help manage AI resources effectively. ChatGPT is just one conversational model, whereas AICamp is a full suite that leverages various AI technologies to enhance team productivity and governance within an organization.

No, AICamp is designed to be intuitive and easy to use whether you're new to AI or have advanced expertise. The platform's simplicity and guidance features allow anyone on the team to benefit from AI tools without a steep learning curve.

AICamp provides robust customer support including documentation, tutorials, FAQs, and the option to contact the support team for personalized assistance with any questions or issues that may arise. If you have any additional questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


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